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* for use by a qualified physiotherapist or medical practitioner.

NEW MODEL Endomed 482 Electrotherapy Unit

NEW MODEL Endomed 482 Electrotherapy Unit NEW MODEL Endomed 482 Electrotherapy Unit

New model Endomed 482 Interferential and Electrotherapy Unit (shown without and with suction unit).
This state of the art interferential uses touch screen technology which gives a clean and easy to use panel. The internal library contains 42 evidence based protocols. The two outputs are completely independent for single channel operation or used together for interferential. These units have the reliability and backup expected from Enraf-Nonius equipment.

NEW MODEL Sonopuls 492 combined Ultrasound and Electrotherapy

Sonopuls 492 combined Ultrasound and Electrotherapy

The Sonopuls 492 Combined unit allows you to treat with ultrasound with the full range of perameters as with a dedicated ultrasound unit.
The electrotherapy operates the same as the Endomed 482.
The unit combindes 2 machines in one unit which saves space in a smaller practice or increases efficiency in a busy practice.
This unit also has the option of the Vacotron 460 suction unit.

Vacatron 460 Suction Unit

The Vacotron 460 Suction Unit attaches to the Endomed 482 and the Sonopuls 492. The suction may be pulsed or continuous, it has an alarm for the water trap level, it switches to the flat electrodes when the suction is turned to zero.

Endomed 482 Interferential Unit Sonopulse 492 Interferential and Ultrasonic Unit

The Endomed 482 is a versatile Interferential and electrotherapy unit which may be operated simply as at switch on the screen will display Program "0" (this being set to your most common settings). Fit the electrodes and adjust the output to suite that patient's treatment. Or you may adjust any of the settings as necessary.
The Sonopuls 492 is the same electrotherapy unit combined with a full featured ultrasound (same as the Sonopuls 490 ultrasound).

Features :-
Choice of current types - Interferential with choice of sweep time and vector settings . Frequency sweep range over 1 to 260Hz. Choice of carrier frequency. also 2 or 4 pole operation.
Tens currents with a choice of pulse rate and pulse width.
Faradic current with a large choice of frequencies, ramp on, hold, ramp off and rest times.
10 memory positions to store programs.
The Sonopuls 492 ultrasound section - 0-2W/sqcm continuous, 0-3W/sqcm pulsed output.
Loss of contact control to ensure full treatment and to protect ultrasound head.
Manufactured by Enraf-Nonius, The Netherlands, their reputation ensures a continuing back up of this equipment.

Endomed 182 Interferential

The Endomed 182 Electrotherapy Unit is a simple to operate Interferential, Pre-Modulated (AMF) current and Tens current. It has 30 pre-programmed treatment suggestions.
Manufactured by Enraf-Nonius, Rotterdam, The Netherlands.


* for use by a qualified physiotherapist or medical practitioner.

ITO ES 521 Interferential ITO EU 940 Interferential unit

ES-521 INTERFERENTIAL Features a touch panel. Provided with the eight most common currents: 4-pole IF, 2-pole IF, EMS, Russian, TENS, Hi-Volt, Microcurrent (MCR), DC. Alphabetic keyboard: Treatment objectives or patient names are registered in the program memory. The program to use is selected by touching the intended application or name expressed. The keyboard supports ten languages. Two pause keys, one for each channel. Seventy (70) free program memories. Three different treatment-end melodies: When several systems are used, different melodies can be selected for each system to distinguish which system has completed therapy. Connectable to the SU-520 vacuum unit (optional) or the US-750 ultrasound unit

EU-940 INTERFERENTIAL / ULTRASOUND Features a touch panel for easy operation. 5-channel simultaneous monitoring. Multi frequency ultrasound (1 or 3 MHz, each probe) and eight stimulation modes such as 4-pole IF, 2-pole IF, EMS, Russian, TENS, Hi-Voltage, Microcurrent (MCR), and DC. Allows independent electrotherapy (ES) channel use, independent ultrasound (US) use, independent US use while using ES, and a combination of US and ES. 61 preset programs and 80 free programmable areas are provided. The EMS training program is able to setup from both menu, timer setup menu or muscle contraction frequency setup menu (PAT. P) Very low BNR, 2.4-3.6 according to IEC Can be connected with one, 4 vacuum electrodes or two vacuum units, 8 vacuum electrodes (optional).

All prices and specifications subject to change without notice

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